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Business Intelligence for the Club Industry

How to Develop a Business Intelligence Protocol Designed to Position Your Club for Success

Business Intelligence is the practice of collecting, analyzing, and presenting critical business data to help us make better decisions. In the private club industry, Business Intelligence is key to optimizing operations across the board.

Discover how to build your own Business Intelligence protocol with this exclusive eBook from Buz Club Software.


Take traditional club reporting to the next level.

The club industry has evolved to become a highly competitive environment. Our board members are intelligent and aware, demanding timely, meaningful information about our operations. Our members demand superior levels of service, and we need to understand them better to provide it. Budgets are tight, and we need to figure out how to maximize revenues and minimize costs.


Here’s the bottom line: Private clubs need to do more than provide reports—they need to provide practical insight.


In this eBook, you'll learn how to create a business intelligence protocol that will allow you to:


  • Provide real-time information to facilitate controlling variable costs (labor, retail inventory, etc.).
  • Provide predictive information to enable optimal planning (i.e. predict golf activity to optimize labor schedule).
  • Evaluate staff performance (i.e. sales and covers by server per shift/hour)
  • Uncover trends that will be invaluable for strategic planning